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Farewell to the Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister made history, divided the nation and changed Britain forever. Her political triumphs and mistakes will continue to be debated for years to come.

As a special tribute to the Iron Lady, we have created two bars – this Thatcher Protest Bar and a Pro Thatcher Bar. We have no intention of entering this highly charged debate. We know you’ll have a very strong opinion which one is going to get your vote!


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Tune in to our Bond Theme bar

We couldn’t let the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films go by without a mention. Created on the eve of the launch of the latest Bond epic Skyfall we chose to focus on the signature tune. Lots of tuneless singing went into the making of this special Bond theme tune bar. Read it out loud to see if you think we’ve got it right!

To listen to the classic theme tune click here. To read more about Skyfall click


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Giddy Up in Time for Christmas!

We’ve decided to think outside the box at Chocolate Towers this Christmas.

Long gone are the days of bashed boxes of Cadbury’s Roses and Lavender hand-soaps given as gifts to people who are in our lives often through the year. We wanted to make it easy for people to give gifts to everyone that makes their lives that bit easier, with a space to let them know exactly how fantastic they are.

This inspired our NEW Equestrian Range, with bars for Farriers, Vets and Riding Instructors. They are gorgeously designed bars with the option of adding your own personal message and the recipients name, making it a unique and special gift that they really will love. We guarantee that this Christmas gift will not end up in the back of a cupboard!

Take a look at these fabulous gifts HERE.

To compliment these, we have also designed a range of Horse and Pony Lovers bars for that girly-girl who loves ponies, to the teen that just adores horse-riding. We think you’ll agree that these bars are fantastic and really funky, and of course can be personalised to make it even more special.

For our Pony and Horse fan chocolate bars, CLICK HERE.


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What do Harrods and The Chocolate Library have in common?….

We’re all nominated for the Sheerluxe Online Shopping Awards 2011!

We’re very excited in Chocolate Towers today, because our friends at Sheerluxe have deemed us worthy to be considered as a finalist in their coveted Online Shopping Awards in the Food Gifts catagory.

Also nominated are some foodie greats such as Harrods and Selfridges, so you can imagine how much it would mean if we won our category! This is where WE NEED YOU!

Vote for us HERE in the ‘Food Gifts’ section on the Sheerluxe website. And to show our appreciation, we’ll be giving away a chocolate bar to a voter (selected at random) every single day for a week!**

The winner will get to choose whichever bar they like, and have it personalised and packaged especially for them or as a gift for someone else.

All you have to do is register with Sheerluxe (it takes only a moment), cast your vote and then tweet us at The Chocolate Library Twitter account letting us know you’ve voted. It’s that simple. At the end of each day we’ll choose a winner at random.

Don’t have Twitter?? Then ‘Like’ our Facebook Page HERE and send us a post saying you’ve voted!

So go on! Vote for us and win our eternal love and gratitude (and most importantly, some chocolate).

** The winner will be chosen at random at 4.30pm every weekday. The winner will then be contacted via Twitter. The winner is entitled to any one chocolate bar, personalised or otherwise, from any section on The Chocolate Library website. The bar will be delivered gift wrapped if requested. Chocolate available in Dark or Milk. To check out our selection, click HERE.

Finding Voting Difficult?

TO VOTE for us, please visit the Sheerluxe Online Shopping Awards 2011 Page. To go directly to this page, CLICK HERE.

You will then see the opening screen. If you have NOT already registered with Sheerluxe, you will need to do this first. It only requires an email, and a password. You DO NOT have to subscribe to anything, and you DO NOT need to confirm via email. We have shown you where you click to register by placing stars next to it. *****


You will then be taken to a registration screen. Just enter your name, and a password of your choice in order to be eligible to vote. We’ve indicated on the screen below where you should enter your information.

Then, all you have to do is click register and you’ll be taken to the catagory page. Scroll down to the section containing ‘FOOD GIFTS’ and click on us in the drop-down menu.

You can vote for all of your other favourite brands in a selection of categories too!

We hope this helps! As soon as you have voted, come straight to our Twitter Page or our Facebook Page, and post ‘I’VE VOTED’ to us. We’ll automatically enter you into the daily draw to win a personalised chocolate bar of your choice!


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Our Top 10 Gift Books for New Dads 2011

Part of a new regular series, we’ve hunted high and low to come up with the first of our Top 10 books List.
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In a Nutshell: You have one for the car, so why not have one for the baby? This compact Owner’s Manual is written in a humorous yet informative style for new parents trying to work out how to work their particular ‘model’ of baby. Best for men who could rewire the back of a telly but not burp a baby. This lays down instructions in a male friendly way! Don’t buy if the recipient is likely to take offence at being given a manual on how to look after his own child. It’s all in fun! Product Details: Price: RRP £11.99 Author Louis Borgenicht Joe Borgenicht. Dimensions 18.1 x 12.8 x 2.3 cm; Page 228 Pages. To buy this book CLICK HERE.   To buy as a Chocolate Library Gift bundle CLICK HERE.

In a Nutshell: Written with a humorous, military like tone, this book deals with the daunting prospect of Fatherhood. An A-Z style manual explains the nice and not so nice bits about becoming a dad. Funny yet informative! Best for blokey blokes who like straight to the point instructions, minus the fluff that surrounds a new baby. Don’t buy if he’s the sensitive type. He might not appreciate the barking tone. Product Details: Price RRP £12.99. Author Scott MacTavish. Dimensions 14 x 1.3 x 21 cm. 132 Pages. To buy this book from Amazon CLICK HERE.
In a Nutshell: With a new baby in the house, what better timing for daddy to get into cooking. This brilliant 100-recipe book by daddy video blogger Nick Coffer, is a great gift idea for a new father – a new project to get stuck into that will get mummy’s approval. Best for a man who wants to support his other half and enjoys being good food. Don’t buy if the recipient is of the old school variety. Actually do give it – he needs to change his ways now new baby is here!. Product Details: RRP £16.99. Author Armin Brott. Dimensions 13.5 x 2.2 x 21.4 cm; 288 pages; Published by Hodder & Stoughton (26 May 2011). Check out his very cool website which is packed with recipes. To buy this book from Amazon CLICK HERE

In a Nutshell: You never forget the tall tales your Dad used to tell you to get out of trouble. This little hardback book is a tribute to little-white-dad-lies. A great gift for new dads to make them chuckle. He could even try out a few himself! Best for young, cool Dads who like a laugh. Light-hearted and jokey, but with a real feel of nostalgia. Don’t buy if the man in question is looking for a guide with hints and tips. This is purely for entertainment value. Product Details: Price: RRP £4.99. Author Andy Riley. Dimensions 11.1 x 1.3 x 14.5 cm. 64 Pages. To buy this book from Amazon CLICK HERE

In a Nutshell: Grans, your newsagent, neighbours, perfect strangers on the street. Everyone has advice for new parents. This slim paperback features retro illustrations and is a satirical look at babycare advice, with great quips like ‘boredom is good for children and encourages concentration’. Best for parents who are sick of hearing tips from everyone and anyone. Don’t buy if you’re looking for a useful present. This book is for laughs only. Product Details: Price: RRP £6.99. Author Alice Beaven. Dimensions 19.2 x 12.4 x 1 cm. 112 Pages. To buy this book CLICK HERE. To buy as a Chocolate Library gift bundle CLICK HERE.

In a Nutshell: As well as it’s clever title, this witty book for new dads is actually full of tips and pointers to help a new dad adjust to fatherhood. Designed with the new father in mind, there’s advice on everything from potty training, babysitters and how to remain calm when you’ve just been hit in the face with with pureed spinach! Best for new dads with a soft centre and a dry sense of humour. Don’t buy if the new dad’s not a booky type. Product Details: Price: RRP £6.99. Author C W Nevius; Dimensions 15.9 x 12.3 x 1.3 cm; 96 Pages. To buy this book from Amazon CLICK HERE

In a Nutshell: Whilst not strictly a book, this gorgeous journal is an excellent gift for a new dad. It has space to write milestones and notes, as well as brilliant and witty quotes scattered throughout. Best for new parents that want to keep a record of their child’s milestones. Don’t buy if he’d rather read about it than write about it. This isn’t a book on raising kids. Product Details: Pride: RRP £11.99. By Knock Knock. Dimensions 17.8 x 24cm. 160 Pages. To buy this book CLICK HERE. To buy as a Chocolate Library gift bundle CLICK HERE.

In a Nutshell: Canadian Journalist Paul is thrust into fatherhood with a bang, pushing his beloved TV and football to the side to make way for a screaming bundle. This hilarious book charts Paul’s transition from ordinary bloke to full blown first time dad! Best for the man who’s more used to cradling a pint than a baby. He’ll soon get the hang of it! Don’t buy if hearing someone else’s account of fatherhood isn’t quite what you’re looking for. Product Details: Price: RRP £9.99. Author Paul Rhodes. Dimensions 19.3 x 15.5 x 1.8 cm. 160 Pages. To buy this book from Amazon CLICK HERE.

In a Nutshell: Blokes are funny things. Unlike women, they don’t think in riddles, they don’t need fluffy explanations and they like the facts and figures. Que a book that gives him all that and more when it comes to dealing with becoming a new daddy. This guide tells it how it is. Best for men who are new to fatherhood and want some practical advice, with pinches of humour for good measure. Don’t buy if the facts laid bare, very bare, isn’t quite his cup of tea! Product Details: Price: RRP £8.99. Author Jon Smith. Dimensions 19.4 x 12.8 x 1.6 cm. 216 pages. To buy this book from Amazon CLICK HERE.

10. MY DAD
In a Nutshell: This beautiful book is a brilliant gift to give to any new dad. The wise women at the legendary blogging site Mumsnet have rated it their best gift for dads 2011, we couldn’t agree more! Witty and funny, this is a really sweet present for a new dad. Best for men who like hugs – this gift will be a real hit when he reads it at bedtime. Don’t buy if your looking for a more practical guide – this is a childrens book. Product Details: Price: RRP £4.99; Author Anthony Browne. Dimensions 12.5 x 1.8 x 15.2 cm; 26 pages. To buy this book from Amazon CLICK HERE


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