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Murray The Magnificent!

What can we say? The man is a legend. We’ve been a massive fan of Andy Murray at Chocolate Towers for a long time. We got a little over excited when he won his first Slam in 2012 and created 3 bars of the week in his honour just to mark the occasion. We simply couldn’t let his latest monumental achievement go unmarked – he’s only gone and won Wimbledon! We love you Andy!! C’mon Andy. Don’t you know that you’re our hero.. We’ll stop now.

Watch the moment Andy Murray won Wimbledon 2013  here



Special edition Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion chocolate.

Special edition Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion chocolate.

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Farewell to the Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher’s time as Prime Minister made history, divided the nation and changed Britain forever. Her political triumphs and mistakes will continue to be debated for years to come.

As a special tribute to the Iron Lady, we have created two bars – this Thatcher Protest Bar and a Pro Thatcher Bar. We have no intention of entering this highly charged debate. We know you’ll have a very strong opinion which one is going to get your vote!


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Equality Chocolate

This week America’s largest civil rights organisation, the Human Rights Campaign relaunched its logo in red and pink to show its support for equality in marriage. Our Equality chocolate bar is here to play a small part in helping to spread awareness – and extend our support.

Why this week you might wonder. Well, it’s because the Supreme Court of the United States has begun hearings on two key laws that could redefine marriage across the United States. So now you know.

We’re not the only ones to use the logo to show support. This campaign is really spreading virally. Check out this link that shows a collection of images showing other variations to the logo.


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It’s time to put your feet up

pope-retirement-2We know this time of year’s hard to stay motivated, but jacking it all in is quite extreme. Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington started the ball rolling last week announcing her retirement at the grand old age of 23. We thought that was quite unusual but she has been well and truly trumped by the most unlikely of candidates – the Pope! He’s the first Pontiff to do so in nearly 600 years so we felt the need to mark the occasion.

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We know it’s wrong – but we’ve a crush on Tom Daley!

After the success of Team GB, Tom Daley is taking the Olympic mantra “leaving a legacy” to a whole new level with the TV show Splash!. This show has celebrities of all shapes and sizes trying to learn how to dive just like Tom. It’s so bad on so many levels it’s in fact brilliant. The most appealing part by far is seeing Tom in his very tiny trunks. Tom – we’ve got a crush on you. Don’t worry, we’re seeking help.

To see what we’re going on about, click here



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Way to go Wiggins!

He won the Tour de France as well as Olympic gold. Is there anything that Bradley Wiggins can’t do? Apparently not as he’s also just scooped the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year 2012! As if that wasn’t enough, at the after show party he got out his electric guitar and went on to play “That’s Entertainment” and “Wonderwall.” Legend.




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BAR OF THE WEEK: A tribute to Sir Patrick Moore

When we heard the legendary astronomer Sir Patrick Moore had passed away this week we realised how many fond memories we all shared of his BBC show The Sky at Night

This bar combines Patricks love of astronomy with our love of Patrick. We hope if he’s out there looking down on us he’d approve!


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