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BAR OF THE WEEK: Quick – it’s an emergency!

Alarmed by the awful weather we’ve been having across the UK, we have created a chocolate bar – for emergency use only. Whatever life chucks at you – driving rain, floods, snow or high winds, this trusty little chocolate bar is ready and waiting to leap into action and save the day.

Guaranteed to make you feel better if you’re stuck on the M1 – it’s also very practical – and potentially life saving if trapped in a blizzard. So stick one in the glove compartment of your car right now – and no nibbling on your way to the shops. This bar’s strictly for emergency use only!

emergency chocolate

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Bar of the week – Are you a Reluctant Shopper?

When it comes to feeling Christmassy nothing puts us more in the mood than the John Lewis advert. This year their snowman epic makes us realise that no matter how much you hate shopping, there’s no avoiding it.¬†If you’d rather stick holly up your bum than go Christmas shopping, then this is the bar for you!

If you are feeling a little Bah Humbug view the John Lewis advert here for an instant cure.



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Wham Bam Thank You Man!

This bar was created on the day Barack Obama won a historic second term as President of the USA.

Barack tweeted the words ” four more years” with the image of himself and Michelle below. Within hours this tweet became the most retweeted of all time. As the story broke, related tweets were posted a staggering 327,452 times every minute!

During his speech he uttered these encouraging words “The best is yet to come.” Optimism is a powerful thing, so today, 7th November 2012, President Obama – we salute you. If you feel like being inspired, you can listen to his entire victory speech¬†here

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