We Love….Knock Knock! Great Gifts for Mums.

18 Oct

Whilst researching for our book selection launch, we came across an American company called Knock Knock. Not strictly books, the stationery that Knock Knock produced was cool, confident and just that little bit different – precisely what we’d been looking for.

So, without any hesitation, we sourced the journals, bookmarks and notepads, ordering some of our favourites and waiting excitedly for them to arrive. When the Postman brought them to the door it was like Christmas had some early!

Straight away, the I’m A Parent? Journal stood out to us because until we found it, we’d trawled through literally mountains of patronising ‘self-help’ books about changing nappies and pureeing cauliflower.

That sort of thing has its place, but we wanted to offer something unique – for mums and dads who were just that little bit cool.

Being a parent is the most important job in the world, and this journal celebrates the fact that yes, parents sometimes get it wrong, but you know what? That’s perfectly OK!

When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.

Erma Bombeck

Quotes from actors, writers, musicians and public figures adorn the pages, with space to write ‘Why I’m A Less-Than-Perfect Parent Today’.

There are even little tick-able boxes to remind yourself why you ‘failed’: fast food, television, work or just plain bawling and shouting! It’s a great way to find humour in those little hardships every day. We absolutely LOVE this, can you tell? 🙂

You can have a look at buying it HERE or even bundle it together with our custom-made quote bar HERE.

Another funky bit of kit from Knock Knock kit that we’ll be making great use of this Christmas is the ‘Things You Must Do to Make Me Happy’ notepad.

This pad (it has plenty of pages, don’t worry!) is a great way of telling members of your family EXACTLY what you want and when you want it! Does your hubby always say that he’s ‘not a mind reader?’ Then this is the perfect solution.

Tick options such as ‘chew in silence’, ‘Listen’, ‘wipe that look off your face’, ‘rub my feet’ and ‘spoon me’!

There are loads of hilarious combinations that will make your other half, or your kids, laugh, whilst subtly giving them the message. Better than a boring old note scribbled on the back of an envelope!

You can buy the ‘Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy’ notepad HERE.


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