Why Do Golfers Wear Two Pairs of Socks?…

13 Oct

….In case they get a hole in one!

Good one right? But seriously, if you know someone who’s up at 8am every Sunday polishing their balls and practising their swing, then The Chocolate Library have just solved their Birthday or Christmas present problem. No more Pringle socks this year!

Take a look at our newly designed ‘Golf Addict’ chocolate bars. Designed for aspiring Colin Montgomerys, who clutter up the house with tees and ruin the lino with those spiky bits on the bottom of their shoes. We’re not sure what those are for either.

And, for their long suffering partner, who’s sick of shopping alone on a Sunday afternoon, the matching ‘Golf Widow’ bar is the perfect consolation. It even comes in pink!

Both bars are available in the finest Belgian chocolate, with a choice of dark or milk, and can be fully personalised with the Golfer (or widow’s) name on the front, and a message on the back!

It’s such a unique way to give a gift to the golf fanatic in your life, and, to make it even more special, we’ve paired it with ‘The Daredevil Book for Golfers‘ as a gift bundle. A fantastic present that they’ll love! They might even miss a morning at the range to read it. (just maybe!)

To have a look at our ‘Golf Addict’, ‘Golf Widow’ bars and our unique Golfing Gift Bundle, CLICK HERE.

Even better, if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you can get 20% OFF all of our products at The Chocolate Library, ending at midnight on Sunday 16th October! We’re just nice that way.

You can WIN either one of the bars TODAY (13/10/11) by RT’ing one of our competition tweets on our Twitter Account. Just click the link and follow us to be in with a chance! Winners will be drawn at 7pm this evening. Good Luck!


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