Top 5 Weirdest Wedding Themes

07 Sep

Does love make you blind? We’re beginning to think so..

The Marmite themed Wedding

Terry and Jennifer Constant are such big fans of Marmite, that they decided to base their whole wedding day around the yeasty toast spread. Their eyes met over a cheese and marmite sandwich at Uni, and the pair have been obsessed ever since. The cake was even marmite and chocolate flavour. Love it or hate it? The jury’s out on that one…

The Flintstones Wedding

Ed and Gayle Robinson walked down the aisle dressed as Fred and Wilma Flintstone at their wedding in Devon. Guests came dressed as cavemen, and the couple had photos taken amongst the rocks to make it look extra authentic. In our opinion, it’s Yabba Dabba Don’t!

The Shrek Wedding

Shrek might not be the most obvious theme for a wedding, but Welsh couple Viv and Tracey Williams said ‘I Do’ dressed as the green ogre and his Princess bride on their wedding day in 2010. Friends of the couple gave them the idea by constantly telling them they looked like the fairytale couple. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that?!







The Asda Wedding

Asda in Northumberland played host to the wedding of Andrea and David Culverwell, with the pair getting wed in one of the aisles. As winners of a ‘Win Your Wedding’ competition ran by the supermarket chain, the couple had the ceremony and outfits provided for them by Asda. It gives a whole new meaning to being off your trolley!













The Eiffel Tower Wedding

You might think the title sounds quite romantic, but this wasn’t a ceremony under the famous landmark. Erika LaBrie married the 324 metre tall construction in 2008. To seal the deal, she even changed her name to Erika La Tour Eiffel. She’s still happily married, and continues to have a long running affair with her other lover, the Berlin Wall. Seriously.







Maybe you fancy a bacon and egg themed wedding? Or maybe you’re a regular person. If so, have a look at our wedding range at The Chocolate Library HERE.


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