Let The Reading Commence!

22 Aug

Book Review

Reviewer: Steph, Book Editor

‘Stuff Every Man Should Know and Jokes Every Man Should Know’

Every man should have two little black books, one in each pocket ready for action when the moment arises.

No, not that sort of black book. What kind of girl do you take me for? I’m talking about two fantastic little books we’ve selected at The Chocolate Library as part of our new Gift Bundle launch.

These pocket sized books are perfect gifts for the men in your wedding party: Best Men, Ushers, Fathers of The Bride and Groom, even just as a ‘Thank You’ gift for a special guest paired with a matching chocolate bar.

‘Stuff Every Man Should Know’ by Brett Cohen is an instructional guide to doing just about everything there is for men folk to know!

Why can men never tie ties? My Dad even goes as far as wearing clip-on ones to get away from the fangled mess of knotting his thumb around it only to find that the bottom half is longer than the top half. This book leaves no stone unturned, with a comprehensive guide to tie tying all tied up. Phew.

A bit manlier are the pages detailing how to perform the ‘perfect push-up’, a ‘proper pull up’ and ‘perform the perfect punch’, the latter only to be used in the event of a bear attack, obv.

Not only will it clue him up on just about everything that’s worth knowing, but will no doubt make him smug in the knowledge that he can do everything better than you.

The other book, ‘Jokes Every Man Should Know’, penned by Don Steinberg, is absolutely ideal as a gift for the man who thinks he’s a funny guy.

He’s guaranteed to pick up a few belters in this mini-book, which has jokes for every occasion possible. And he will use them on every occasion, you’ve been warned!

‘ A duck walks into a store and asks for some lipstick.

 The cashier says to the duck “That’ll be £1.50”.

 The duck says “Put it on my bill”.’

BADUM TISSSH! I found it in the jokes for kid’s section (I’m 24..ahem).

I think this book should be given before a wedding, so that the speaker can pack in a few of these babies for sure-fire guffaws across the room. Some of them have some choice language in there, so maybe cover Granny’s ears if he decides to crack those ones.

You can buy both of these books, separately or bundled together with a chocolate bar of your choice, HERE.


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