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My Big Fat Gay Wedding Favours!

There’s new stuff happening every single day at The Chocolate Library, and our latest addition to the family are gay wedding chocolate bar favours!

We’re really proud of the bars because we feel that there is such a gap in the market catering for gay weddings. These bars can be bought in packs of 10, 25, 50 or 100, or you can even just buy the one as a nice little gift for a gay couple you know.

Available to match the theme colours of the wedding, these bars are really unique and, as with all of our bars, made with the finest quality Belgian chocolate.

Available for gay and lesbian couples.

Have a look at them HERE.

Also Available 'Let's Hear It For The Girls'

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We Love….Staggered UK!

We were very proud to have our gift bundles especially for Ushers and Best Men featured in the Groom News section on Staggered UK‘s bloody marvellous website.

Their slogan is simple. ‘Weddings. Blokes. Sorted’. And it does exactly what it says on the tin.

If you’re a guy about to be thrust into the wedding furore, it can be a bit daunting, and you’d be forgiven for thinking your previously placid partner has turned into a raving loony. This site can be your sanctuary; the help you need to do your bit, and get through the wedding period without going doolally.

Perhaps most importantly, they have an extensive Stag-Do section, which every one man knows is the most important part of the whole affair.

Check it out HERE. and don’t forget to have a look at our wedding bundles on the site, and on our own website.

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Do Us a Favour…

…Check out the latest addition to our expanding Wedding range – Wedding Favour Packs.

If tulle bags of sugared almonds just aren’t your style then have a look at our new Wedding Favours, launched today at The Chocolate Library!

If one bar of our yummy chocolate just isn’t enough, then treat everyone at your Wedding to a favour, which can be personalised with your names and date of Wedding. Available in a range of colours to suit all schemes and themes, these bars are 100g slabs of sweetness which make a fun and tasty memento of your special day.

The bars are available to order in quantities of 10, 25 or 50 and start from as little as £3.00. The more you order, the better the deal!

We can guarantee these bars won’t be shoved in a drawer to go dusty. Infact, we’ll be surprised if they last till the end of the reception!

Have a look at our gorgeous new range of Wedding favours HERE.

Available in gold, silver, red, purple, lilac, green or blue.


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Let The Reading Commence!

Book Review

Reviewer: Steph, Book Editor

‘Stuff Every Man Should Know and Jokes Every Man Should Know’

Every man should have two little black books, one in each pocket ready for action when the moment arises.

No, not that sort of black book. What kind of girl do you take me for? I’m talking about two fantastic little books we’ve selected at The Chocolate Library as part of our new Gift Bundle launch.

These pocket sized books are perfect gifts for the men in your wedding party: Best Men, Ushers, Fathers of The Bride and Groom, even just as a ‘Thank You’ gift for a special guest paired with a matching chocolate bar.

‘Stuff Every Man Should Know’ by Brett Cohen is an instructional guide to doing just about everything there is for men folk to know!

Why can men never tie ties? My Dad even goes as far as wearing clip-on ones to get away from the fangled mess of knotting his thumb around it only to find that the bottom half is longer than the top half. This book leaves no stone unturned, with a comprehensive guide to tie tying all tied up. Phew.

A bit manlier are the pages detailing how to perform the ‘perfect push-up’, a ‘proper pull up’ and ‘perform the perfect punch’, the latter only to be used in the event of a bear attack, obv.

Not only will it clue him up on just about everything that’s worth knowing, but will no doubt make him smug in the knowledge that he can do everything better than you.

The other book, ‘Jokes Every Man Should Know’, penned by Don Steinberg, is absolutely ideal as a gift for the man who thinks he’s a funny guy.

He’s guaranteed to pick up a few belters in this mini-book, which has jokes for every occasion possible. And he will use them on every occasion, you’ve been warned!

‘ A duck walks into a store and asks for some lipstick.

 The cashier says to the duck “That’ll be £1.50”.

 The duck says “Put it on my bill”.’

BADUM TISSSH! I found it in the jokes for kid’s section (I’m 24..ahem).

I think this book should be given before a wedding, so that the speaker can pack in a few of these babies for sure-fire guffaws across the room. Some of them have some choice language in there, so maybe cover Granny’s ears if he decides to crack those ones.

You can buy both of these books, separately or bundled together with a chocolate bar of your choice, HERE.


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Yummy Gifts for Brainy Boxes!

Check out our NEW ‘Brain Box’ chocolate bars, especially designed for you to give to your clever girls and boys!

Whether its the achievement of five gold stars or a place at university this week, they will be pleased to receive one of these bars to let them know you think they’re the best of the bunch!

Available in styles to suit girls and boys, you can personalise the bar to include a special message of congratulations. Way better than a card, we think you’ll agree!

You can buy our specially created bars HERE.

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Sweet Treats for Successful Students!

Teenagers across England are receiving their GCSE and A-Level results today! We really hope everyone got the grades that they needed.

Congratulate your star pupil by giving them one of our personalised bars!

The ‘Clever Clogs’ bar is such a sweet gift!

To have a look at our selection, just click HERE. Orders are shipped within 24 hours!

Clever Clogs Bar £4.95

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Booky Types Get Ready….You’re In For A Treat!

Ladies and Gentleman, The Chocolate Library is proud to announce that we have launched our new, fantastic and unique Gift Bundles; personalised chocolate bars, teamed with a book, notepad or diary, which we at Chocolate Towers have researched, read and picked out especially for our customers. They’re the best of the bunch, we can vouch for that!

All you have to do is write a personal message to the recipient that we’ll print on our super sexy glossy chocolate boxes, and the bar can double as an extremely tasty card. We even pop it in a lovely gift envelope for you! We really have thought of everything.

So stay tuned for these Gift Bundles launching on The Chocolate Library website, and keep in touch by following us on Twitter for updates, and Facebook for a nosey behind the scenes.

Books have been the order of the day at The Chocolate Library, as we’ve been getting ready for the launch of our brand new Bundles. We were really excited to get started on choosing our books!

Almost as high up on our ‘Loves’ list as chocolate, books are a passion of the team at The Chocolate Library, and getting to pick the best ones and read them was a real treat!

Searching for a good book isn’t always easy. So many choices and not a lot of information can mean that buying a book online can be a bit of a risk – you could end up with a bit of a wet kipper. And no one likes wet kippers.

So we’ve fished them out for you. We’ve found, read, reviewed and scrutinised a selection of books for all occasions. All you have to do is trust that we’ve done our research right!

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