Today We’re Loving…!

25 May

If you want evidence that the web has changed everything forever – check out the rather scrumptious Sheer Luxe website.

It looks like a magazine and feels like a magazine (I think they even print a few copies too) BUT it’s online where their concept literally comes alive in front of your eyes.

They have designed magazine style accessory and fashion pages (check out the gift guide) featuring gorgeous must-have treats from white designer bikinis to the latest summer sandals.

If you like what you are looking at – simply click and you are taken directly to the brand’s website where you are just one further click away from popping the said item into your shopping basket. You could do serious credit card damage in a few minutes – naughty but nice!

It’s a simple and clever concept – executed beautifully – which is why they have attracted the best names in the business from Harrods to Harvey Nicks.. and ahem .. did I mention us too?

We are feeling especially loved up with the Sheer Luxe team after they featured The Chocolate Library on their email newsletter this week. This led to a flurry of ‘Best Boyfriend’, ‘You’re Brilliant’ and interestingly, ‘This Is A Bribe’ chocolate bars selling from our website. Which makes us think that Sheer Luxe customers are a rather nice lot too – who perhaps need to soften up their loved ones from time to time.. We can’t think why!

Check them out HERE.

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